Application Areas

Environmental Applications

Indoor surface & air treatment to ensure health and safety of employees and customers. Organic sanitation that continually operates 24/7 while people are present to reduce viruses, bacteria and odors in these areas:


○ Fitness Centers / Gyms

○ Sports Medicine

○ Sports Centers

○ Locker Rooms

○ Large Venues / Arenas

● Offices / Common Areas

● Churches / Houses of Worship

● Schools

○ Colleges

○ Universities

○ Elementary

○ Junior High / High Schools

○ Vocational

● Casinos

● Hospitality / Hotels

● Airports

● Transport: Trailers, buses, cars, public transit


○ Hospitals

○ Assisted Living Facilities

○ Dental Offices / Orthodontic Facilities

○ Outpatient Facilities

○ MRI / CAT scan trailers

● Cruise Ships / Port-of-calls

● Retail, restaurants, & bars.

● PPE (personal protection equipment) Sanitation

Any indoor facility where people gather!

Our advanced surface and air sanitation process provides SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and CONTINUOUS 24/7 inactivation and neutralization of airborne and surface viruses, microbials and odor control while people are present. We also can provide equipment to shock treat in certain applications, if required.

Food Applications:

Diversity of applications for Growers/Packers, Distributors/Wholesalers, Transporters/Carriers, Meat/Food Processors and End Retailers (Grocery Stores and Restaurants) for Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Flowers and Processed Foods/Ready-to-Eat, and Cold Storage Rooms (small coolers to large storage facilities).

  • Ripening and Pre-Conditioning Rooms

  • Food Processing Areas

  • Meat Processing Facilities

  • Food Preparation Areas

  • Walk-in Coolers

  • Display Cases

  • Restaurants (kitchens, dining areas, bars, etc.)

  • Refrigerated Trucks and Shipping Containers

  • Exhausted Air Treatment

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Plant Applications:

Flower and Cannabis (Growing: Greenhouse and indoor. Drying rooms, odor control)

  • Flower/Plant Facilities

    • Greenhouses

    • Indoor storage/grow

    • Fresh cut

  • Cannabis Facilities

    • Greenhouses

    • Indoor Grow rooms

      • Mothering

      • Cloning

      • Veg

      • Flower

      • Trim

      • Mixed-light areas

      • Processing

      • Drying rooms

    • Adjacent areas/Sources of contamination or odor
    • Hallways
    • Entries
    • Shipping/Receiving
    • Air Intake/Exhaust
    • Odor Control
    • Exhausted Air Treatment
    • Refrigerated Trucks and Shipping Containers

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